Strengthening Data Systems For Education

How Public Sector Can Play Role For Strengthening Data Systems For Education


Without accurate and valid data, it seems impossible to build effectual, liable and resilience education system. Having a valid data system is essential to inform global education policy and scrutinize the growth toward SDG4. The public sector can play a vital role to help developing countries strengthen their collection, educational data and managing their plans.

Different private sectors and developing countries government are interesting to get part in the Global Partnership for Education to solve Education Data challenges. The main aim of the public sector is to improve the data collection system and understands the essential needs that education system requires.

According to Chief Executive Officer, Global Partnership for Education, “more and better data are essential to building an effective and resilient education system that delivers quality schooling at scale. The data challenge is one of the most pressing priorities. Without the right information about the performance of their education systems, including data about the number of children in school and their learning progress, the government is essentially flying blind. That is why most of our grants fund country-level data improvements”.

The public sector can recognize the benefits of the partnership with stakeholders and give innovative solutions and critical thinking to the government that can lead to improving their data educational system. For example, UNESCO is playing an important role and serves a primary statistical report that can cover more than 200 countries. Consequently, the public sector can play an important role in order to collect an accurate report for the education data system.

Ade Ayeyemi(Group CEO of Ecobank), Angela Mwelu( Director, Business Development in Sub-Sahara Africa for MasterCard), Markus Schwertel( Government Relations Lead for Central),  & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa regions at HP Inc are the main partners of the public sector that will give improvement and strengthen to the education data system. The connection between the public and private sector can face the challenge of the education data system. Along with that, GPE is useful to give strength to the education system and improve data analysis.

In February 2019, GPE had launched the education data solution roundtable in Senegal, in which public and private sector will participate. The public sector can provide better tools for education information management. The current tools such as “off the shelf” are not suitable and valid to get accurate data at a global level.

The public sector can also help the education system by developing better communication and visualization tool that are most essential in the schools. By using these tools, data can be displayed in simple and meaning full ways. Due to a lot of education data systems in progressed countries, learning assessment and personal management are not valid and accurate. The public sectors can give integration to data across different systems. In this way, educational sectors will be able to produce holistic school-level information and better integration for data collection. To conclude, the public sector plays an imperative function for intensification data systems for education.

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