Emotional Stages of Dissertation Writing

5 Emotional Stages of Writing a Dissertation


Writing a dissertation can be a very emotional experience; it is mainly because it is not a one day or one week or even one month job. It can take months and years and the more you work on it the more emotional and stressed you get about what you are doing, if you are doing it the right way or if you will be able to achieve success based on it. So many students end up discarding drafts and drafts of the dissertation just because they are not sure if they are doing a good job and feel very stressed due to lack of knowledge and guidance. According to a dissertation writing service, it is essential to understand that students face these emotions because their grades and degrees depend on these papers and they do not know what would be the outcome of their hard work and efforts.

What you need to know is that all this is pretty normal and should remain so if you are in control of your emotions and are all to keep on working and continue moving forward despite everything. The closer the deadline approaches, the more you panic even if you have finished the paper only because you are not sure if you have done the right job and the teacher will be impressed with your efforts. Even experts have admitted that writing a dissertation is a very emotional time which often confuses and strains even the most dedicated and brilliant of students. The only thing to deal with it is to remain calm and keep on working even when you feel if everything is about to end. This article discusses the 5 emotional stages that students go through when writing a dissertation and what you might experience during this stage and how to deal with it most effectively.


This is one factor that can either help students write a brilliant paper or take them down. Students feel angry because they do not have the time to work and they have been given such a tough assignment and are very frustrated but they want to prove that they can do it and this helps them complete the paper even against all odds. However, some feel so angry that they just refuse to work on it the right way and suffer. Anger works two ways for students and can be a motivating or discouraging factor for them.


Students end up denying that anything could go wrong because they have written hundreds and thousands of essays and papers in the past academic life and have secured good grades too so what could go wrong. Many students take offense if they are told to work hard or told horror stories about dissertation writing and the attitude of the dissertation committee as they believe that they are capable enough to handle anything that comes their way. Some of these students go so forward in denial that they are ready to argue with the teacher if he or she points out any mistakes in their paper.


This is something that almost every student goes through because they fear the unknown. They do not know if the research they are doing is in the right direction, if they are writing the right way following instructions regarding the specified structure and format and if the paper is impressive enough to get the highest marks. This anxiety begins from the day the dissertation is assigned and lasts till they submit the paper but the level of anxiety varies with every student.


Many students accept what is coming their way and begin to work on the paper any way they can. They will try to do things on their own or seek help from someone else when they are stuck because they accept that this what they have to do and they will do everything possible to submit a good paper to the teacher as they know that there is no other way out.

Resignation to Fate:

Many students just accept that they have to write a dissertation and do it without caring about what happens. They will write a paper but will be least bothered about the results and will not hesitate in asking help from someone or even copy-pasting the content from other sources so that they can present the paper and get rid of the task. It is because they are resigned to their fate and know they will not get a distinction for their efforts so they do not both to work hard at all. Most of the students go through these 5 emotional stages of dissertation writing one way or another. The key is to deal with them most efficiently and succeed despite all odds.