Assignment on Database Applications

Necessary Tool to Have To Solve Assignment on Database Applications


In the past few years, there has been a rapid advancement in software engineering and application development. New tools and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) have been designed to help the developers design and develop new software solutions. Every few months, a new framework or tool is launched to help in software solutions’ easy and quick development. Not only do these tools help the professionals working in the industry, but they also help the students to develop solutions for academic projects and assignments.

Generally, developing any software or database application requires a series of steps. These steps are referred to as SDLC. Solving an assignment may or may not involve following SDLC, but it certainly requires certain tools or IDEs to solve the assignment. Following is the list by an assignment writing service about tools required to design and develop database applications:

1-Microsoft Visio:

Microsoft Visio creates different types of Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams. In layperson’s terms, UML diagrams depict the functionality of the application or software system via different diagrams. For designing the Entity-Relation (ER) database, diagrams can be drawn using Microsoft Visio. Microsoft Vision allows the user to draw these diagrams using the drag-n-drop features available for different diagrams.


2-EDraw Max:

Edraw Max is an open-source tool used to draw different types of diagrams. These diagrams can vary from network to electrical circuits to software engineering-based diagrams. It allows the user to draw and customize each diagram with different text format options, colour schemes, captions, highlighting, etc. It also contains some predefined templates for each diagram type that reduce the client’s efforts to work from scratch. Furthermore, EDraw Max allows users to export the diagrams in different formats and in any selection (part of the diagram) they want.

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3-Microsoft SQL Server:

Microsoft SQL Server is a tool designed by Microsoft that stores relational databases. Also pronounced as MS-SQL Server, its major role is to store and retrieve data in RDBMS as requested by the applications. MS-SQL Server allows users/developers to create, read, and modify databases. Different databases can be stored using the MS-SQL Server. Asides from this, it also provides access to different applications that connect to the server via an internet connection.




4-SQL Server Management Studio:

SQL Server Management Studio, also known as SSMS, is a tool which Microsoft develops. The main purpose of SSMS is to allow the users/developers to manage, configure and administer the components and content in the MS-SQL Server. SSMS allows the developers to write Data Manipulation Language (DML), Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Control Language (DCL) queries. It also allows the users to perform different operations such as creating new logins, managing databases, backup and restoring databases, importing and exporting data in files of different formats etc.



5-MySQL Workbench:

Like MS-SQL and SSMS, MySQL Workbench allows users to create and manage relational databases. It also allows the users to write the DML, DCL and DDL queries to manipulate the records stored in the database.



6-Microsoft Visual Studio:

Depending on the nature of the software to be developed, Microsoft Visual Studio can be used to design and develop state-of-the-art applications that can be used across different platforms. Visual Studio is an IDE used to write programs in different languages intended for different or similar platforms. It allows the developers to create Web APIs, Web Services, Desktop Applications, UWP Applications, Mobile Apps and Websites. Many packages and extensions are available for Visual Studio via the famous Nuget Package Manager. These packages help the developers in developing database applications.

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7-Visual Studio Code:

Visual Studio is a highly preferred IDE used globally but mostly on Microsoft-based operating systems. Microsoft also develops Visual Studio Code, but it’s a free source code editor that can run on almost every platform. It allows developers to write code in different programming languages. And comes with different pre-installed features such as code refactoring, IntelliSense, Snippets and source control repositories such as Git. Visual Studio Code, a multi-platform IDE, that allows developers to design and develop powerful, state-of-the-art database applications.

8-Internet Information Service:

Internet Information Service, also known as IIS, is a pre-installed Microsoft Windows feature that allows users to host websites, Web APIs, and Web Services, mostly connected to the database. IIS allows different users to access these features via an internet connection.


Eclipse is an IDE used to develop JAVA-based applications. Several different versions of Eclipse are available over the internet. Highly used by the JAVA developers, Eclipse can be used to develop powerful, advanced and secure database applications.